Pregnancy 29-40 Weeks

29-40 Weeks

The descriptions below gives you a broad indication of your child’s development

Contact your doctor for more information.

Physical Development

  • The nerves in the brain develop at this stage.  By the time the baby is full term the brain will hold over 6 million synapses.  The child’s potential brain power will be enormous
  • The baby’s senses will also be fully developed by this stage.
  • You will feel the baby moving around as it increasingly fills the womb.

Language Development

  • If you don’t speak Irish yourself why not ask relatives, friends or neighbours to speak Irish with your child when it is born?
  • You might take the opportunity to get in touch with Tús Maith if you have any concerns or questions on how to introduce Irish from birth.

Songs, Posters, Books, Recommended Reading and other resources that is useful

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