Baby 0-3 months

0-3 months

Every baby develops at it’s own pace.  The following descriptions are general statements.

Don’t be alarmed if your child doesn’t follow the points below.

Language Development

  • At 1 month your child may respond to noises and faces.
  • At 2 months your child may smile, laugh and create interesting little noises.
  • At 3 months your child may recognise your voice, your face and your body scent.


  • Remember, how ever little Irish you may have, speaking Irish to your baby from birth is important since it gives your baby the best start in life.  Get into the habit of speaking Irish from day one.
  • Talk to your baby constantly.  Use ‘baby talk’ and say the baby’s name often.  Babies respond to a quiet, soft and high pitched voice.
  • Look at your baby’s face when you speak to him.
  • Remember to sing Irish language lullabies and play Rabhlaí Rabhlaí often.  Babies love repetition. That’s how they learn!
  • Join the local playgroup.

Songs, Posters, Books, Recommended Reading and other resources that is useful

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