Pregnancy 13-20 Weeks

13-20 Weeks

This is a good time to discuss language choice.

It’s good to form a habit early on.

The descriptions below give you a broad indication of your child’s development.

Contact your doctor for more information.

Physical Development

  • By week 14 the mouth, tongue and throat will have developed.  The foetus has all the basic equipment needed for speech.
  • This is the stage at which a scan is taken – your first opportunity to see your baby!
  • The baby is more active now, so you might begin to feel a few kicks and prods during this stage.

Language Development

  • This is a good time to discuss language issues with your partner.  How can you help each other to introduce Irish from the start?
  • If you need more information on introducing Irish from the start go to

Songs, Posters, Books, Recommended Reading and other resources that is useful

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Playgroups, Home visits, Support Groups and more...

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