Baby 6+

Every baby develops at its own pace.  The following descriptions are general statements.  Don’t be alarmed of your child doesn’t follow the points below.

Language Development

  • At around 6 months old the synapse network in your child’s brain is at its peak.  The more experiences your child gets at this stage the better.
  • Betwenn 6 and 12 months you will see a huge difference in your child’s language development

Your child may:

  • begin to join syllables together to make words
  • learn to say Mam and Dad
  • begin to understand to simple instructions


  • Encourage your baby to create nes sounds e.g. buzzing, hunning clicking your tongue, popping your cheek etc.
  • Playing ‘Peek-a-boo!’ is fun at this stage
  • Sing lullabies and other fun songs e.g. Rabhlaí Rabhlaí and Bliain na nAmhráin have some great songs and rhymes
  • Start  reading  simple  stories and turning the pages of  picture books with your baby
  • Ask your local library for appropriate Irish books

Songs, Posters, Books, Recommended Reading and other resources that is useful

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